Introducing: Erika Wester – Wanted To Be Like You

Erika Wester’s new single, Wanted To Be Like You, is about the disillusionment that comes with realizing that the person you’ve put on a pedestal isn’t who you thought they were. You idealize them and think that they are perfect, but over time you come to see the cracks in their persona.

Wanted To Be Like You really underscores the need for us to be honest with ourselves. Too often, we ignore the fact that people have flaws. It’s only when we get close to them, or when life throws them a curveball, that we see their true colors.

The drums provide the driving force behind the song. They’re played with a steady, rhythmical beat. The guitars on Wanted To Be Like You sound like those on 90’s shoegaze records. Wester’s vocals are layered on top of the mix, giving the whole thing a mystical side.