Introducing: Emanuela – MADE IN HEAVEN (Album)

Emanuela’s latest release MADE IN HEAVEN is an album featuring ten tracks. Drawing from synth pop and experimental electronica, it strikes a perfect balance between the past and present, melodic and abstract. The title track kicks off the album with an ethereal feel that quickly morphs into a busy, glitchy electronic beat with some synth blips that are reminiscent of retro games and old-school samplers. From there, the album takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and sonic landscapes.

If you’re an artist, you know that the only way to move forward is to keep pushing the envelope and setting the bar higher. That’s exactly what Emanuela has done with MADE IN HEAVEN. This album is a perfect representation of the singer’s artistic philosophy. She never settles for anything less than the best, and her fans are the beneficiaries of that commitment to excellence. We’re confident that Emanuela’s future holds even greater things.