Introducing: Elise Hayes – Human Heart

Rising singer-songwriter Elise Hayes sings candidly in her song, Human Heart, about the struggle to find the delicate balance between being soft, but not too soft, and being kind, but not a pushover. She reflects on her own journey of self-acceptance and growth, and how it has led her to a better understanding of herself and others. Through the compelling story she shares, Hayes offers listeners a powerful message about the importance of living from a place of authenticity. This is a valuable lesson for anyone looking to find their own version of happiness and success.

Human Heart has an infectious combination of pop and R&B melodies that gives it a radio-friendly quality. Elise’s vocals are brimming with vulnerability, making the song even more compelling. In an era where so much music is production-driven and heavily edited, it’s gratifying to hear something that showcases the power of a truly talented vocalist.