Introducing: Alanna Matty – Thoughts // Feelings (Album)

I can’t recall the last time an album has spoken to me the way Alanna Matty’s Thoughts // Feelings has. You can really feel the warmth of acoustic singer-songwriter sensibilities, and it’s juxtaposed perfectly against the spacious dreampop textures. Each song is based on a specific memory, giving listeners a deeper understanding of Matty’s life philosophy. She has such a special gift for capturing raw human emotion in her lyrics, and I think that’s why her songs are so influential. Alanna doesn’t hide her vulnerabilities, making her music all the more engaging.

These songs were written over the span of nearly 15 years; Dreamless was written in 2007, Boxes and The World Was Lonely both written in 2020/2021. Everything came together to paint a picture of the last decade of my life. Recording these tracks not thinking about who I was when I wrote them but instead who I am now was a fascinating exercise.