Introducing: Hannah Schneider – Open Wall

When we experience love, we can feel like it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. We’re so invested in the relationship that we can’t imagine our lives without it. But sometimes things don’t work out. We might get hurt, or the other person might just drift away. It feels like a part of us disappears, and we’re left with this invisible wall between what we once were and what we are now. It’s hard to move on, but eventually we do. We have to. And as time goes by, we learn to remember the good times rather than dwell on the pain. The experience might be bittersweet, but in the end it makes us stronger people.

In her new single, Open Wall, Hannah Schneider perfectly captures the feeling of lost love. The track starts out with a sparse instrumentation of only Schneider’s mesmerizing vocals and piano. The combination of these two elements the track a nostalgic feel, almost like an old James Bond theme. However, this nostalgia quickly evaporates and gives space to a grand and sultry electronic driven chorus of roaring synths and drum machines.