Introducing: Amalia Margaryan – Devastated

When you’re left devastated after a failed relationship, it’s hard to make sense of what happened. You feel like you did everything you could, but it still wasn’t enough. You try to understand why it didn’t work, but you come up blank. And the worst part is feeling like you’re the only one who doesn’t understand what went wrong.

Amalia¬†Margaryan’s latest single, Devastated, talks about a past relationship in which she gave everything she had to the other person, only for them to leave her feeling utterly crushed. It teaches us that we should never invest too much of ourselves into another person, because they may not be there to return the favor in the end. If you’re feeling down, this song is sure to make you feel better.

The production is flawless, with each note and chord hitting in just the right place to create an unforgettable listening experience. Margaryan’s voice will fascinate you with its grace, majesty, and power.