Introducing: Boh Doran – The Drugs Don’t Work (The Verve Cover)

Singer-songwriter producer Boh Doran combines alternative indie and dreamy new wave into an ethereal pop sound. Her music has been covered by LADYGUNN, Glamour, Italian Vogue, The Huffington Post, WFNM, Radar Online, Kings of A&R, The Burning Ear, and other tastemakers.

She recently released a cover of The Verve’s The Drugs Don’t Work.

Nice piece of work. The song features sublime vocals, smooth harmonies, unique grooves, moody melodies, and memorable hooks.

Speaking about the track, Doran says: ”I first heard “the drugs don’t work” in high school at a party. People there were ironically doing drugs. I wasn’t, but I felt an emptiness in what was happening around me. I think the song comforted that feeling.

I heard it again when I was going through a heavy time – there was a break-up, I was living alone and having some depression. I was considering leaving LA, feeling like a pathetic artist, like an imposter and a failure. I was trying to self-medicate in various ways to fill the black hole I felt inside, but we all know, that only works for so long. I started a version of “the drugs don’t work” at that time because I wanted to heal myself through the song but fell off of working on it because things were too stressful in my life to actually be focusing on music.

I gathered myself slowly but surely and then I met my partner and got surprise pregnant. It was deciding to be brave enough to have an unplanned child in a city where people really don’t do that, that truly made me feel confident and stable enough as a person to believe in myself and finish my own music. After my son was born, I opened the session back up and saw the song through, beginning to end. I produced it, played the instruments, edited, and arranged everything. It takes a level of stability and clarity that isn’t accessible when your life is in chaos. I had to believe in myself enough to finish something that wasn’t for a job, or that my manager or label didn’t put a deadline on.”

Doran has so much talent. She makes really good music. The Drugs Don’t Work deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!