Introducing: Scintii – Times New Roman

Shanghai-based Taiwanese singer-songwriter-producer Scintii (aka Stella Chung) just released her new single Times New Roman. Its melancholic 21st century nu-trip hop sound was developed with guest producer Danny L Harle (PC Music, Charli XCX).

The song features silky vocals, smooth harmonies, glacial electronics, cool grooves, and memorable hooks.

Scintii writes with depth. She’s poetic in her writing. Every word has a purpose.

Times New Roman is one of the main languages used in graphic design,” Scintii explains, “and this song is about finding that language for myself as an artist.” 

The video was directed by Kynan Puru Watt who has previously worked with Arca amongst others.

Scintii continues to deliver good music. Artiscally, she’s brilliant. Times New Roman deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!