Introducing: Joy Kate – Puppet

Hailing from the South, 17 year old Joy Kate is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, actress, and instrumentalist who cites musical influences ranging from Carole King and Lady Gaga to Astrid S, Chelsea Cutler, and Julia Michaels.

She recently released new single Puppet.

This song has a pop sound. It’s so catchy and brilliant. Don’t let the sun fade into darkness. Puppet will cheer you up.

Speaking about the track, Kate says: “Puppet captures the turning point I experienced when breaking out of a toxic relationship. I wanted a song to empower my fans and myself with the strength to realize when we are not being treated the way we deserve. I’m reaching out my hand to pull my listeners back to a time of innocence, pure happiness, and self-love before negative influences were present. “Like a puppet”, we might all feel the pull of outside forces whether it is from a bad relationship, social media influences, or political, but it is up to us to know our true worth and “break free” from strings that try to control us.”

Kate makes really good music. She has an important message to share. Her words are powerful and motivational.

Check out Puppet below!