Introducing: Eiza Murphy – Black Hole

Eiza’s debut single introduces her as a new artist not to be ignored.

Black Hole is an intriguing song. Everything sounds original. Eiza captivates listeners with solid melodies, stunning vocals, and compelling hooks.

She writes so well. Black Hole, a dark love song inspired by the apocalyptic-like chaos in the world right now, is about two people that can’t be separated. Eiza wrote the song in London during the Australian wildfires and at the beginning of the Corona-virus outbreak.

‘The world is so messed up right now. I wrote Black Hole just before everything got really crazy and it’s weird how the song became more relevant. Obviously, the world isn’t ending but there are definitely emotions in the song that I think people will connect with.’

Eiza tells an interesting story. Artistically, she’s brilliant. A rising talent.

Check out Black Hole below!