Introducing: Elyse Saunders – Wine Down

Canadian country recording artist Elyse Saunders is pleased to release Wine Down, her second single of 2020, on all digital platforms.

This song is cool. Elyse combines smooth vocals with unique guitar work, to create a sound that’s truly unique. It’s a great mix of Pop and Country.

“The song started with the title Wine Down. My co-writer Daryl Scott had mentioned it to me in conversation and I remember telling him that we had to write this song together. As soon as I heard that title, I knew that there could be a fun play on words of winding down with a glass of wine and I really love how the title really catches you at first look. When we went into the writing session with Joey Green, I knew I wanted it to be soulful, romantic, conversational and I imagined it having some really nice texture and pictures that would tell a story. For me, it was important to tell a story about being with the one you love and really being there with them without distractions of a phone, the news, or whatever other life distractions. It’s really about honouring your relationship and like a glass of wine, it gets better with time,”

Do you like catchy music? Wine Down will keep playing in your head. Listen below!