Introducing: Gaidaa – Falling Higher

In July, Dutch-Sudanese artist Gaidaa released debut EP Overture. She has a very soulful sound. It’s instantly recognizable. This project is solid. All fantastic songs. What’s your favorite? Falling Higher comes to my mind. Gaidaa blends powerful vocals with dynamic instrumentation, creating a unique record. The lyrics are thoughtful, poetic in its form.

Gaidaa said to The Daily Rind: ”Falling Higher does imply I’m not falling down, but it doesn’t mean that I necessarily choose to fall higher. Life throws me all over the place. Granted, I’m holding on for dear life so I’m trying to have some kind of control on what’s going on; I’m trying to hold the ropes, trying to make sense of it all. But life is definitely throwing me in these directions — it’s not me choosing to fall higher.”

Falling Higher has an interesting concept to it. Listen below!