Introducing: Elise Go – Undefined (Don’t Call Me)

LA-based singer-songwriter Elise Go returns with new single Undefined (Don’t Call Me). It’s Pop with a twist of Funk and Disco music. Soaring vocals sail over infectious instrumentation, which results in a hit.

Speaking about the new song, Elise said, “Undefined is my f*ck you song. In the wake of social media, we are connected as ever, but also disconnected as ever. I wrote this song about the vague bubble so many people choose to stay in, which is really a manipulative way to play the field, but still have options at your beck and call. After all, if you were never really together, was it even heartbreak? I wrote this song of my frustration in being in a situation like this and because I was gaslit in my experience, music was the safest place for me to voice how I felt.”

Did you know Undefined (Don’t Call Me) is co-produced by Elise herself? She manages to be original, by creating a sound that’s fresh and innovative in its genres. Listen below!