Introducing: The People Versus – Witch

Formed in 2019, The People Versus borrow from a variety of genres and traditions. As a result, their style can be defined as authentic. With its energy and brilliant sound, Witch is a standout song. In this instrumental, original ideas are incorporated well. Voice-wise, it’s constantly captivating.

Witch was written around the myth of Eros and Psyche through the lens of my own experience exploring my non-binary identity. From the starting point of doing drag at night to safely and privately experiment with the performance of gender (I was a boy again), this in my mind resonated with the scene of Eros asking Psyche not to look upon him when he was with her in the evenings; he could not safely let her know him. The idea then of love driving us to uncharacteristic or unsafe actions, and the determination with which we dive into such situations for true happiness, is the spirit that underlines the rest of the song.”

The People Versus present a thoughtful piece here. Audiences will appreciate the quality of this production. Check out Witch below!