Introducing: Long For The Coast – Through The Night

Long For The Coast is the musical alias of Jamie and Sophie Gould, a British alternative-folk duo. Their newest single, Through The Night, just came out. The instrumental follows a familiar acoustic direction, with a bit of authenticity added. Mellow in tone, but also expressive in a way that makes it stand out.

Regarding the track, Long For The Coast says: ”Sometimes it’s not about thinking big, but simply putting one foot in front of the other until the clouds part. The poison of comparison is a real minefield, and we hope that our platform will always be a space where people feel encouraged to be themselves. It’s more important to have your heart in the right place than to have met societal expectations that dictate what ‘success’ is meant to look like. We hope that Through The Night will contribute to the cultural shift towards mental health being a welcomed part of daily conversation.”

Long For The Coast explores thoughtful themes in their music. Through The Night possesses a certain depth that will resonate with listeners. Check it out below!