Introducing: Daisy Draper – Did You Think

Did You Think is a debut release that initiates the Earth Angel School. These singles are released in conjunction with workshops that help guide people through a Spiritual Awakening, otherwise known as the Dark Night of the Soul. Bringing pop music and spirituality together, the Earth Angel School simplifies spiritual concepts and teachings.

I really like the philosophy behind this. Daisy Draper has a clear vision, which listeners will appreciate. There are some musically inventive aspects woven into Did You Think. A strong vocal underpins an energetic backing that propels the sound forward effortlessly, creating a focal point. The lyrics add even more quality to an already outstanding piece.

Heartbreak, loss, and shattering of the mind are all depicted in this song. A story will be told about reclaiming self-worth to fulfill the Divine Path. The Divine Path is less traveled, but one that maintains authenticity and integrity to one’s true self.

Daisy artist achieves a unique fusion of two disciplines. Did You Think provides inspiration. Tickets for the Earth Angel School can be purchased here, and you can check out the song below!