Introducing: Teddy Bee – Justin and Hailey

Dutch singer-songwriter BÉE changes her name to Teddy Bee today and premieres Justin and Hailey, produced by Jake Gosling and released via Goldun Egg Records. It has a fun, pop-oriented R&B vibe. The lyrics have an interesting concept, I’m really impressed. Bee’s soothing voice glides effortlessly over simple keys and percussive textures on this track. Also, can we talk about the chorus for a minute, because it’s so catchy. At first listen, you might even hum along.

Bee said in response to the new single: “I’ve been a Bieber fan since he released One Time. He is one of the people who inspired me to become an artist. There have been songs about Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah, Bonny and Clyde and other famous couples, so as a Belieber I thought “why not about Justin and Hailey”? I hope you like it!”

Bee distinguishes herself by offering something beyond the ordinary. It will bring in many new fans. Justin and Hailey looks set to become one of the more noteworthy songs of the summer. Check out the audio below!