Introducing: TOMI – Lemon Tree

On her upcoming EP Sweet, Sweet Honey, TOMI, the moniker of LA-based artist/producer Pam Autuori, reinvents herself. Lemon Tree, an epic 7 minute love story song about acceptance and forgiveness, provides a glimpse of what’s to come this fall. TOMI’s performance is centered around the instrumentation. Ethereal vocals soaring above the background, perfectly capturing what the lyrics are saying.

TOMI says the following: ”Writing Lemon Tree revealed a longing for the suburban dream I had buried away, assuming it wasn’t mine to have. This song is about the cost of honesty and finding forgiveness in oneself and others in order to close the chapter of a past life, a past love and a past self. It is a reminder to pay attention and appreciate the small, seemingly mundane moments in life.”

The music of TOMI inspires women and LGBTQ+ communities with its spirit and energy. Check out Lemon Tree below!