Introducing: Sonny Casey – A Saving Grace

Sonny Casey has been busking and gigging her songs all over Europe since she was seventeen years old. The singer-songwriter recently debuted a new single, A Saving Grace, that has a stirring emotional tone. Together with a powerful instrumental, the vocals make the music flow freely. In this song, the lyrics possess a certain poetry influence. An impressive collection of storytelling skills is shown here by the artist.

In regards to the track, Sonny says: ”A Saving Grace is about the dangerous delusion of an abusive relationship. Originally titling it It’s Not Too Late, I wrote it hoping it would save a breaking relationship from falling apart. I thought the message was ‘It’s not too late. Please don’t give up on us yet.’ Once I came back into my power and discovered that I was subconsciously writing about the dream/nightmare dynamic that is a toxic relationship, I changed the name to A Saving Grace. Because a saving grace was no longer to save the relationship. A saving grace was to get the hell out of there and save myself. Now the message is; if you’re in something that makes you feel bad most of the time, it’s probably because it is bad. You can’t make someone happy if they’re not happy with themselves. Happy, healthy love exists and you deserve it. Get out of there. It’s not too late.”

Sonny’s music reveals a depth that goes beyond her 23 years. A new EP is in the works, so we have a reason to be enthusiastic. A Saving Grace provides a sense of what to expect. Check it out below!