Introducing: Megzz – Checkmate

Megzz is an unsigned artist from Northamptonshire who covers several genres, including RnB, Pop, and Neo-Soul. She firmly believes that music is a powerful medium and uses her talents to empower others, promote self-love, and speak out about mental health issues.

Those catchy sounds around the vocals make Checkmate a fun and sassy song. I especially like the electronic vibe during the chorus, which adds some additional energy. Megzz excels as a vocalist. She captures the feel of every lyric with accuracy, depicting heartfelt expressions.

Checkmate talks about moving on from a partner who is playing games in a relationship, or with your emotions. It focuses on self-empowerment and realising your worth, with the main message being ‘if you play games with someone’s emotions you will always lose, if you’re honest, you’ll always win even though you’re not playing their game’.

Check out Checkmate below!