Introducing: Elle Baez – Stereotype

Elle Baez, a Latina singer and songwriter from Brooklyn, presents her body positive single, Stereotype. As Elle puts her final stamp on the music industry, she introduces herself as a confident leader. Stereotype is an epic anthem for anyone who has ever been body shamed or felt pressure to change themselves to achieve success.

Dance-friendly melodies give the sound an upbeat aspect. Musically, Stereotype resembles modern pop, but with a few interesting changes, making it stick out. Through her empowering lyrics, Elle instantly evokes a sense of comfort in listeners.

Regards the track, Elle says: “I was so tired of being told to change my body and my appearance by so many around me. All I could think about was if the little me had the confidence I had today, who knows how much more success could’ve come my way. It’s taken me so long to give myself that love and Stereotype is the song I wrote for me to celebrate that. To celebrate all of the beauty everyone has regardless of what other people have to say about it.“

Check out Stereotype below!