Introducing: Margot Polo – Can You Hear Me?

David Provenzano is the composer/producer behind the solo project Margo Polo. His new single, Can You Hear Me?, was created solely by himself, unlike any of his previous material. Provenzano wrote, recorded, sang, produced, and mixed everything in his home studio during quarantine.

With its raw drums, fuzzy guitars, and electric bass, and synthesized swells, Can You Hear Me? quickly becomes instantly recognizable. Aside from evoking nostalgia, it also offers a sense of modernity.

As he speaks about the track, Provenzano states: “I know I’m not unique in feeling this but 2020 was easily one of the most difficult years of my life. Getting to work out all of the words and music to this song, Can You Hear Me?, was such a wonderfully therapeutic and enjoyable experience. I didn’t start doing yoga or learn how to bake sourdough bread, but I got to write, record, produce and mix a song that I’m really proud of and am excited to share…”

Check out Can You Hear Me? below!