Introducing: Nina June – Jeremiah Blue

Photo Credit: Marc Haers

Nina June’s songs reflect on past relationships, friendships, and worries about the world. Eloquent strings, artful arrangements, glistening keys, and airy guitars build an atmosphere that matches the singer-songwriter’s stories so perfectly.

On the verge of releasing her sophomore album, Nina is taking the music world by storm with her brand new song, Jeremiah Blue. I hear hints of Lana Del Rey at times. What I like about it are the retro-inspired sounds that are woven together. This music definitely belongs to the ”iconic” category.

For the video, Nina was dressed by Amsterdam-based House Of Usefulness, a fashion brand that uses only pre-loved fabrics to make their collection. She explains the song’s meaning as follows: “It’s about that one first person who breaks your heart relentlessly, and you know you’ll never be the same again.”

After generating tens of millions of streams and critical acclaim, Nina decided to collect her thoughts and feelings on her full-length album 2021. Listen to Jeremiah Blue below while you’re waiting!