Introducing: Daisy Draper – Let Go

Daisy Draper is a Los Angeles-based artist who fuses spirituality, wellness, and pop music in a unique way. Let Go, her new single, expands her style. Rich textures and an electronic-driven production contribute to its rich sonic landscape. Listeners will be directly engaged by the lyrics, since they’re thought-provoking and insightful. Daisy’s performance emphasizes her exceptional voice.

When speaking about the meaning behind the track, Daisy comments: “Let Go is the second key code of the Earth Angel School. This song depicts the journey of shadow work, and reclaiming self worth in order to fulfill the Divine Path. This key code is revealed in the logo above, and will be released in tandem with a workshop. Workshops in the Earth Angel School help guide people through a spiritual awakening, otherwise known as the Dark Night of the Soul.”

Daisy can be seen as one of the most creative pop artists of this era. Her songs have interesting themes. They always get you thinking. It should be praised for that. Check out Let Go below!