Introducing: Moyka – When

Photo credit: Sara Westergaard Karlsen

The lead single from Norwegian singer-songwriter Moyka’s album, The Revelations of Love, is the electronic-infused pop track, When. In the background, moody synths form an atmospheric soundscape. A steady beat accompanies them and further fuels the production. Powerful vocals give full focus to the story. It gives a glimpse of Moyka’s world.

This song asks the looming question: when is the right time to let go of a lost lover? To paint a painfully realistic yet nuanced portrait of love, The Revelations of Love effortlessly combines beginnings and endings, naivety and maturity, hope and heartbreak.

On the album, Moyka notes, “The overall theme of the album is love. It starts with the discovery of a new romance, leading further into the different stages and situations you could be finding yourself in when experiencing feelings of love with someone as a young adult. I sing about falling in and out of love and the realization that sometimes it’s not the way you thought it would be.”

Moyka defines the future of pop music. You can call her a pioneer. She does something different than everyone else. We should celebrate that. With songs like When, Moyka really impresses. Check out the audio below!