Introducing: Gabriella Zauna – ROXY BAMBINI

Gabriella Zauna enters an atmospheric world with her new single, ROXY BAMBINI. Dreamy melodies and industrial beats form the sound of the future here. Crisp vocals shine a light into the darkness. They define the production in a powerful way.

ROXY BAMBINI is a fictional character invented by Gabrila. She based it on a doll in one of her old friends’ rooms. The lyrics provide background information about the character.

Gabrila says about ROXY BAMBINI: ”You feel her presence when she walks into a room and get intimidated by it. Yet, she is not a moral person. She doesn’t care about anybody else but herself and commits crimes like breathing air; but is praised for that. She’s a rule breaker and everyone wants to be that but is too bound by society’s restrictions. Regardless of what she does or who she is, her presence is still captivating. She represents power, divinity, the fine line between masculinity and femininity, and is a symbol of what everyone wants to be but just can’t. In the music video, I wanted to put a twist on the plot by narrating the story of myself in the 70’s and how I was perceived; meaning I am ROXY.”

The song has a unique, but accessible style. It implies that it will be well-received by many people. Check out ROXY BAMBINI below!