Introducing: CRISP&CLASSY – My Nudes!

CRISP&CLASSY are an LGBTQIA+ & Feminist musical love affair based in East London, consisting of Scandinavian producer Kat Knix and Transylvanian songwriter Plushy. They released their debut EP XTRA CRISPY last month. It can be considered a modern classic. The most notable track has to be My Nudes!. Built from electronic components and driven by an infectious groove. Bright vocals are layered over the production, complimenting the sonic landscape nicely. The lyrics are both fun and relevant for today’s society.

When speaking about the song, CRISP&CLASSY say: ”My Nudes! describes the level of respect that you should handle peoples virtual property with, in a world of a fast paced nudity exchange.”

Crisp&classy keep redefining themselves as they release new music. They’ve got so much talent. My Nudes!‘s bouncy sound will keep you on the dance floor. Check out the audio below!