Introducing: Elaskia – Better

Singer-songwriter Elaskia has a sound that’s similar to artists such as Vera Blue, Alpine, and Montaigne. Better might be her most iconic track. A solid production and lively pop elements make this one a great listen. Elaskia continues to demonstrate her ability as a vocalist on this song by singing gracefully.

She says the following about Better: ”I wrote it during the last lockdown here in Australia which lasted about 4 months. During that time I felt like a lot of my people including myself were really hard on themselves and almost just “settling” for things because it felt like nothing else better was out there. This song is the exact opposite of that – it’s about self validation and a reminder that you should never settle for something that doesn’t feel right or doesn’t make you happy.”

People can expect to hear lyrics that are both relevant and inspiring in Elaskia’s music. Better evokes a feeling of calmness as well as thoughtfulness. In fact, it’s very empowering. Check out the audio below!