Introducing: Ay Wing – Ego

Berlin-based, Swiss-born Ay Wing, pretty much knows how to get a crowd moving with her delectable, fluorescent, Neo-soul. New single, Ego, just came out. It speaks to a part of yourself that’s capable of rebirth, of rising above challenges, and of letting go. It’s not only poetic, but it’s also inspirational.

Aside from calling listeners to zoom out and see the bigger picture, this song emphasizes how tiny we are in relation to the vastness of the universe. Ego is all about perspective, upward movement, and acceptance that occurs when we rebirth ourselves and are part of the 7 stages of grief.

I like the musical accompaniment. The hip-hop-inspired beats and dreamy melodies provide the perfect foundation for this production. Ay’s striking vocals complete the production flawlessly.

Dancer Nora Herwig and pole dancer Francesca Farenga star in the music video. The video is shot by DoP Sonja Madani and directed by Ay Wing herself.

Ay made something so empowering. You’ll gain insights from it and think about it. Check out Ego below!