Introducing: All Things Blue – Garbage Love

Love is a complex emotion that we often try to understand. We want to be able to control it, to make it do what we want, but that’s not always possible. Why? Love is a mystery. It’s something that cannot be easily explained or controlled. It’s an emotion that’s often felt in the heart and experienced in the soul. And while we can try to understand it, we’ll never be able to completely control it. Love is a force that is bigger than all of us, and we need to just let it be.

Love is inexplicable and all-consuming, and yet it can also be so fragile. All Things Blue’s Garbage Love examines all of these conflicting feelings thoroughly. The production is steeped in psych-rock vibes, with fuzzy guitars and bubbling synths lending an otherworldly quality to the track. Garbage Love is a perfect accompaniment for those hazy spring days when all you want to do is kick back and let the cares of the world wash away.