Introducing: Natasha Hunt Lee – New Things

Everyone has experienced it at least once. We meet someone special, and suddenly they’re a part of our lives. They’re always there, always ready to talk, always happy to see us. We share our thoughts and feelings with them, and we can’t imagine our lives without them. And then one day, they simply disappear, and we’re left heartbroken.

Anyone who’s ever had their heart broken can attest to the all-encompassing feeling of being consumed by thoughts of the person who shattered it. For Natasha Hunt, that’s what her song New Things is about. The lyrics capture the struggle of dealing with a broken heart and the overwhelming sense of sadness that comes with it. The song is a reminder that the pain doesn’t go away overnight. It’s a process. You have to take your time to get over it. So don’t worry if you’re feeling a little shitty for a while.