Introducing: Maude Latour – Clean

Clean is the new single from Maude Latour, one of New York’s most promising up-and-coming acts. There are some incredible indie pop sounds on this release that capture a particular atmosphere. With her excellent vocal skills, Maude brings more energy to the music, improving its impact. A production of this quality could receive an award.

Latour says on the track: “Clean is a fascinating project to me. I originally wrote this song two whole years ago. My fans have been begging for it to come out so I finally concluded it had to happen. I’ve made so many different versions of it, I cant believe it’s going to be in the world. I first wrote it when I was 19, now I’m 21. The difference between those two ages feels paradigmatic. I have grown and changed and learned so much in these past two years— let alone an entire earth-bending pandemic. I decided if I was still going to put this song out and fulfill my fans’ desires, I would need to re-record it, re-make it, and re-explore the clean world. I didn’t change the lyrics, but wow, remaking this song as a 21 year old and pushing the arrangement and instrumentation and vocal performance to convey what this song is to me now was one of my most challenging and fulfilling experiences as an artist so far. When I was 19, this song was earnestly me working on myself, constantly promising to clean my room and temporarily taking good care of myself in spurts. Truly, I am an extremely messy person who is constantly involved in introspection and self improvement, epiphanies and inner thoughts. This song has become an even truer testament to how growing is painful. Sometimes you are trying your best, and it’s still messy, and it is still your best. Growth hurts. Growing pains. I’m learning so much every single day.”

Thus far, Maude’s career has been defined by her influential pop recordings. The crowd will certainly value Clean. Even in December, you’ll still be listening to this summer anthem. Check out the audio below!