Introducing: Nina Luna – Unbound

Photo credit: Billie Black

After pursuing a career as an artist throughout her teens and early 20s, Nina Luna recognized in early 2019 she could no longer ignore the feeling that something was missing. The new songs are more personal than anything she has ever written before. Listeners will recognize the emotions displayed across the narratives.

Nina’s latest release, Unbound, takes its inspiration from a personal breakthrough. ”I realized that the stories I was telling myself and other people were keeping me tied to the past and stuck, even though I thought I was trying to move on from old habits and relationships. Unbound is about how liberating, but also scary, it can feel to finally let go of all the baggage,” says Nina.

Unbound delivers a great deal of energy. When the instrumental builds up to the chorus, the sound becomes only more compelling. Music and lyrics share a similar atmosphere. Luna’s signature voice suits the tune incredibly well.

Check out Unbound below!