Introducing: Club Célest – Sorry

This is the first track on Club Célest’s EP and it’s written like a breakup letter. It reflects on everyone’s flaws and mistakes, the words we should have said, the people we should have held back, and what we could have done differently.

Sorry brings us all back into a time when everyone danced on funky tunes. The grooves are (sometimes) subtle, but they have a cool undertone to them. With catchy sounds layered around the vocals, the song acquires a more expansive sound. Excellent guitar playing adds a bonus layer of depth as well.

As mentioned before, there’s an EP with five more songs you should check out once you’ve listened to this. Club Célest says about it: ”There could have been no better time than the back-to-school season to prove myself there and introduce you to a club that’s both fun and nocturnal.”