Introducing: Ida Alex – Fantasy

Ida Alex, from Finland, creates a new world for future rebels with her energetic interpretations, visionary mindset, and ability to write empowering and dance-friendly pop anthems. Fantasy includes bright melodies, modern beats, and great vocals. It will be of interest to a wide audience. Dynamic choruses provide momentum, as they are catchy in their presentation and expertly arranged. All the lyrics are heartfelt.

When Ida talks about the track, she says: ”Fantasy is about one stage of my life when I struggled with the fear of being completely myself with the people closest to me. I had been hiding certain aspects of myself for a long time and I often found myself dreaming that one day I would have the courage to finally let them see the real me. Whenever I was feeling afraid and I needed a safe place for my existence, I escaped into my own fantasy where there was no one who could judge me.”

Ida is expected to become a chart-topper, not just in Finland, but also internationally. Fantasy has you enthralled right from the start. Check out the audio below!