Introducing: Bambi L – 2

Bambi L is a talented Finnish songwriter who has gained significant recognition for her inventiveness. With its organic indie pop components, 2 offers an engaging and immersive soundscape. Especially when the chorus kicks in, the production’s complexity becomes noticeable. Bambi’s vocals hold an emotional power that’s beyond words.

2 is about how it feels when you visualize a perfect future with the one you love, but then, out of nowhere, everything falls apart. It’s a mix of beauty, ugliness, fragility, roughness and coldness, with a bit of warmth as well.

Regarding the track, Bambi says: “With this song I want to send a message to people, that it’s okay if you’re feeling sad or lonely, or going through a hard time on Christmas. You are not alone.”

Bambi is unquestionably one of the most promising artists nowadays. It’s like she sets a new standard with each release. Check out 2 below!