Introducing: Kelly Vargas – short ride

Kelly Vargas gained recognition almost immediately after bursting onto the scene last year. Pioneering and stepping out of the box are always top priorities for this singer-songwriter. The lyrics of her new single, short ride, describe the situation of wanting more from a relationship, but the other person only commits for a short period of time before moving on. When you think someone has integrity, but they break your heart instead, it can be very disappointing. Especially if you thought you were meant to be together. We should put stronger emphasis on romance in our societies and value relationships more. Real love can be so fulfilling. Finding it, however, often seems difficult. In short ride, Vargas makes that point very clearly.

Vargas enlisted the help of producer Hartsook, and the two crafted a mix that gives the song an alternative r&b/dark pop aesthetic. It may seem a bit melancholic at first, but short ride also has a lighter side that ensures its catchiness. The track isn’t ordinary at all; it has a different kind of sound of it.